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Working through loss, grief
and bereavement

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is an incredibly challenging part of the human experience. The emotional toll of grief can be overwhelming, leaving individuals feeling disoriented, perplexed, and emotionally depleted. Seeking compassionate and personalised bereavement counselling services near you during these difficult times can provide vital support and guidance. Our Counsellors at Blanchardstown Therapy Centre understand the unique needs of individuals and families navigating the journey of grief, and we offer bereavement counselling services for the community in Dublin 15 and beyond to help them find solace and healing.

Understanding Bereavement and Grief

To address the difficulties of bereavement and grief effectively, it is critical to understand the psychological and emotional aspects of the mourning process. Our professional counsellors have a thorough grasp of this journey and its impact on people’s mental health. Grief is a natural response to loss, according to a prominent Irish organisation dedicated to hospice care and support, and the advice of a counsellor can benefit individuals in managing their bereavement and grief in a healthy and productive manner.

Counselling for different types of loss

Grief can manifest in a variety of ways, each with its own set of problems and emotional complexities. At Blanchardstown Therapy Centre, we have a thorough grasp of the complexities involved in various types of bereavement, and we offer specialised support to help you navigate their own experiences.

Loss of a Loved One

The tremendous sorrow experienced after losing a loved one is the most generally recognised form of grief. The loss of a family member, partner, or close friend can result in deep feelings of sadness, emptiness, and longing. Our counsellors provide a secure and supportive environment in which you can openly express your emotions, reminisce about beloved memories, and learn useful coping skills to cope with the sorrow of their absence.

Relationship Endings

The end of an important relationship, such as a divorce or breakup, can cause profound pain. Loss, betrayal, and confusion are prevalent emotions during this period. Our therapists are skilled in guiding individuals through the complex emotional landscape of relationship endings, providing direction to facilitate healing, reestablish self-esteem, and form healthy coping skills. If applicable to you, please be aware that we also provide specific relationship counselling or our couples counselling services.

Job Loss or Financial Problems

Losing a job or experiencing financial difficulties can cause a unique type of anguish. It includes feelings of insecurity, anxiety about the future, and a loss of identity related to professional accomplishments. Our counsellors are well-equipped to help you process these emotions, cultivate resilience, and explore new paths for personal and professional development. You may also want to consider counselling for work-related challenges if you are experiencing any other issues with relationship dynamics at work.

Grieving a Loved Pet

For many people, losing a valued pet may be as emotionally upsetting as losing a human family member. Pets’ unconditional love and companionship frequently form deep ties. Our compassionate counsellors understand the special bond that exists between humans and animals and can help you go through the pain that comes with losing a cherished pet.

The Benefits of Grief Counselling

Emotional Support

There are several benefits to choosing Blanchardstown Therapy Centre for anxiety counselling for people looking for support with their fears and anxieties. Our therapists have a wealth of knowledge and skill in anxiety disorders. We create a secure and private environment for our clients where they may openly express their thoughts, worries, and cultural influences without being afraid of being judged by others by building a strong therapeutic connection with them.

Helping You to Navigate Grief

Support sessions help people navigate the complicated and unexpected grief process. Professionals offer insights into the stages of grief and coping strategies, as well as practical advice on self-care and dealing with triggers.

Bereavement Support

Grief support promotes emotional healing and resilience by resolving unresolved emotions. It provides individuals with useful strategies for managing grief-related stress and supports the discovery of meaning and purpose in life following loss.

Coping with Grief and Loss: Taking the First Step

The counsellors and psychotherapists at Blanchardstown Therapy Centre have the expertise to address these diverse forms of sorrow and give personalised help accordingly. We recognise that each type of sorrow necessitates a sensitive and tailored response. Our commitment is to assist you in finding healing, resilience, and renewed hope as as you navigate the challenges associated with grief.

Issues Your Individual Counsellor Can Help You With

Individual counselling is a personal opportunity to receive support and experience growth during challenging times in life. Our counsellors and psychotherapists can provide safety, healing, and understanding in a confidential environment, thereby facilitating self-awareness, self-acceptance, and the strength to change. Counselling isn’t just about addressing mental health issues, it can also involve discussing and resolving personal dilemmas, making decisions, and navigating the challenges of life.

Counsellors at Blanchardstown Therapy Centre are trained to listen empathetically, to help you explore and understand your feelings, and to provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to manage and overcome your difficulties. With diverse approaches and methods at their disposal, our psychologists can address a broad spectrum of issues ranging from everyday stresses to complex mental health conditions. Our professional counsellors are capable of assisting you through various situations, providing an invaluable source of support and guidance.

Counselling for Anxiety

This type of therapy addresses excessive concern, panic episodes, phobias and social anxiety in order to encourage calm and better functioning.

Counselling for Depression

Employs a variety of therapy modalities to reduce feelings of depression, hopelessness, and poor motivation.

Counselling for Trauma

Assists you in processing and recovering from prior traumatic events, easing uncomfortable symptoms, and enhancing general wellbeing.

Counselling for Relationship Difficulties

Investigates patterns of communication, resolving problems, and improving interpersonal skills to promote stronger and more fulfilling relationships.

Counselling for Self-Esteem and Identity Issues

Your counsellor helps you to work towards building self-confidence, challenging self-critical thoughts, and fostering a positive self-image. This helps you to develop your values, beliefs, and better sense of self.

Counselling for Stress and Burn-Out

Improves general resilience by learning efficient coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques.

Counselling for Bereavement, Grief and Loss

Supports you as you go through the grieving process, assisting them in navigating the feelings of loss and discovering meaning in their experiences.

Counselling for Anger Management

Helps people to identify their triggers, delve into their emotions, and find constructive ways to vent and control their anger.

Counselling for Addiction

Your counsellor helps you to address substance abuse, gambling problems or behavioural addictions through therapy focused on understanding triggers, developing, coping skills, and promoting recovery.

Counselling for Eating Disorders and Body Image Concerns

Helps you to examine harmful eating habits, distorted body image, and underlying emotional problems that contribute to disordered eating.

Counselling for Work-Related Challenges

This type of counselling helps you to manage work-related stress, enhancing work-life balance, and creating coping mechanisms.

Counselling for Existential Concerns

Explores questions about existence’s nature, meaning, and purpose with the intention of helping people find their own meanings and lead fulfilling lives.

Counselling for Life Transitions

Helps people adjust to significant life changes including moving, changing careers, having a child, or getting divorced.

Therapy for Autism

Avail of autism therapy services in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. Therapy can reduce the impact of restricted behaviours and enhance social communication and  relationships.

CBT Therapy

Don’t let life’s challenges hold you back. Reclaim control, unlock your potential, and embrace the life you deserve with the help of one of our CBT therapists.

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Once you find a therapist whose skills and methodology resonate with you, we encourage you to reach out to them directly. Their contact details, including their direct phone number, are available on their profile page for your convenience.
Irene Ryan

Irene Ryan

I strive to offer a safe, non-judgmental space for clients to explore their difficulties and achieve their goals. I have a background working with children and people with intellectual disabilities, and individuals with ASD. I have experience working with anxiety, stress, panic, trauma, anger, and self-esteem. My approach is client-centered and tailored to the needs of the individual.

Chloe Murphy

Chloe Murphy

With a BSc in Psychology and an MA in counselling and psychotherapy I have developed the specialised skills to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Intellectual Disabilities (ID). My current work as an assistant clinical psychologist has allowed me to gain a keen understanding into the unique challenges and strengths of these individuals.

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