Clinical Supervision
Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

IACP Supervisor(s), online
and in-person

Looking for IACP accredited Supervision in Dublin 15?

Our clinical supervision service is carried out by qualified and IACP accredited supervisors who are well-versed in providing oversight to qualified counsellors as well as trainees in psychotherapy. We adhere to the IACP Ethics Framework for Best Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Supervision Service Offering

Supervision sessions at Blanchardstown Therapy Centre are available at short notice, and can be scheduled 6 days/week, including mornings, afternoon and evening times.

Who can we support?

We welcome supervisees from all counselling and psychotherapy modalities and offer supervision to both qualified and trainee therapists. Moreover, the Individual Supervision we provide is not limited to a particular psychotherapy technique or profession. Supervisory methods and skills can be employed in a variety of professional situations, including Social Care and Family Support Workers, Teachers, and Social Workers.

One-to-One Psychotherapy Supervision

This type of supervision is suited to those who want to support and grow their practice or are working towards certification with a relevant professional body. Individual supervision provides opportunity to investigate clinical concerns and obstacles in depth and find effective solutions to them. This usually happens in two ways:

Reflective Supervision: together we focus on investigating and understanding the therapist’s feelings, ideas, and behaviours throughout client sessions. It improves self-awareness and understanding of the therapy process.

Clinical Case Consultation: we collaboratively talk about specific cases, focusing on assessment, treatment planning, and intervention options. This strategy assists therapists in honing their therapeutic abilities and making informed practice decisions.

How long is a Supervision session?

A session generally lasts 1hr. Extenisons to 1.5hrs can be facilitated on request with corresponding client numbers and/or accreditation requirments.

What are the Costs of Supervision?

The standard fee is EUR 80/session for face to face meetings and EUR 70/session for online meetings (Zoom)

Counselling students & pre-accredited therapists can avail of a reduced fee of EUR 70 & EUR 50/session respectively

What approach to Supervision is used? 

Accredited IACP supervisor(s) provide Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy supervisory using the 7-Eyed Supervisory Model, Hawkins and Shohet’s Process Model and Page & Wosket’s Cyclical Model of Supervision.

7-Eyed Supervisory Model

This model integrates both relational and systemic aspects of supervision. Supervisee and supervisor focus on 7 specific aspects of the therapy process:

– The client (as opposed to mainly looking at presenting issues and problems)
– Interventions (the interventions used can reveal covert aspects of the relationship)
– Client-Therapist Relationship (and the transference and counter-transference occurring in it)
– Therapist’s Process (how do you experience yourself with the client, and how can this information contribute)
– Therapist-Supervisor Relationship (in a ‘parallel process’ what happens between therapist and client may later be played out between the therapist and supervisor)
– Supervisor’s Process  (the supervisor’s experience of the supervision relationship can provide valuable information about the therapist-client relationship)
– Focus on wider context (the wider context past and present is explored as an influencing factor)

Page & Wosket’s Cyclical Model of Supervision

This approach focuses on creating a safe ‘Space’ within which the supervisee can focus on the content they are bringing into a session. Both supervisee and supervisor need to be present in the moment. By being open and authentic, new insights and feeling may emerge.

It is also the space where ‘not knowing’ and misunderstanding are allowed and permitted in the notion that time and attention provided to the client and the therapist are useful to the therapeutic work.

Book a Clinical Supervision Therapy Session

Once you find a clinical supervision therapist below whose skills and methodology resonate with you, we encourage you to reach out to them directly. Their contact details, including their direct phone number, are available on their profile page for your convenience.

Blanchardstown Therapy Center – Dublin 15

Ideally located in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, at the junction of Blanchardstown Main Street and Clonsilla Road, we offer clinical supervision services to customers who reside or work in around Blanchardstown, Mulhuddart, Clonsilla, Castleknock and Tyrrellstown.