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Welcome to our Youth Counselling Section!

Are you looking for professional counselling services geared at young people in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15? There is no need to look any further! Our adolescent counsellors are available to help youngsters and teenagers from the age of 12-18 to navigate life’s problems. We recognize the particular demands and challenges that today’s youth confront, and we are devoted to providing them with the care and attention they need.

If you’re dealing with the complexities of adolescent issues, encountering challenging emotional transitions, or striving to manage significant changes that are greatly affecting the daily life and well-being of a young person, then professional adolescent counselling may be a beneficial solution. At Blanchardstown Therapy Centre our experienced therapists specialize in counselling for young people, offering dedicated and empathetic support attuned to the distinctive needs of this developmental stage.

Investing in your mental and emotional well-being is an important step toward a satisfying and successful life. Our children and adolescent therapy services are intended to empower young people by assisting them in overcoming obstacles and developing resilience.


Why Work With Us?

Professional Excellence: All our adolescent counsellors are professionals and fully qualified therapists with many years of experience. They are accredited by the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) and have specialized in working with children and adolescents. We have a thorough awareness of the challenges that young people face, such as academic pressure, identity development, peer interactions, anxiety, depression, and other concerns.

Authentic Human Care: We understand that each young person is unique, and their counselling requirements may vary. Each therapist takes a tailored approach, adjusting their therapy plan and strategy to the specific needs of each individual. We want to establish a safe and supportive atmosphere for young people to express themselves freely.

Help and Support for Young People

Our adolescent counselling services cover a wide range of topics pertinent to teenagers. Among the primary services we provide are:

    1. Educational and Motivational Support – We support teenagers in exploring their interests, defining objectives, and making educated decisions about their schooling and future professions.
    2. Emotional Self-Regulation  – We treat emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, stress management, self-esteem, and coping skills. Our counsellors offer tools and approaches for improving emotional well-being.
    3. Family and Relationship Conflict – We assist adolescents in navigating family dynamics, enhancing communication, resolving problems, and developing stronger relationships with their parents, siblings, and peers.
    4. Social Skills Development – We assist teenagers in developing critical social skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, assertiveness, and conflict resolution in order to promote meaningful connections and overcome social anxiety.
    5. Addressing Behavioural Difficulties – To promote healthy choices and actions, our counsellors aid in addressing behavioural difficulties such as anger management, impulsivity, self-control, and decision-making.

Make an appointment with one of our trained counsellors to take the first step toward good transformation. Begin Your Positive Change Journey today!

To schedule an adolescent counselling appointment, please contact one of the dedicated counsellors for teenagers below.

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Once you find a therapist whose skills and methodology resonate with you, we encourage you to reach out to them directly. Their contact details, including their direct phone number, are available on their profile page for your convenience.
Irene Ryan

Irene Ryan

I strive to offer a safe, non-judgmental space for clients to explore their difficulties and achieve their goals. I have a background working with children and people with intellectual disabilities, and individuals with ASD. I have experience working with anxiety, stress, panic, trauma, anger, and self-esteem. My approach is client-centered and tailored to the needs of the individual.

Chloe Murphy

Chloe Murphy

With a BSc in Psychology and an MA in counselling and psychotherapy I have developed the specialised skills to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Intellectual Disabilities (ID). My current work as an assistant clinical psychologist has allowed me to gain a keen understanding into the unique challenges and strengths of these individuals.

Blanchardstown Therapy Center – Dublin 15

Ideally located in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, at the junction of Blanchardstown Main Street and Clonsilla Road, we offer counselling and psychotherapy services to customers who reside or work in around Blanchardstown, Mulhuddart, Clonsilla, Castleknock and Tyrrellstown.