Mary McCumiskey ITEC MIRI Reflexology (incl Facial). Massage (incl Fertility). Biofield Tuning, Reiki.

Mary McCumiskey

Complementary Therapies | Massage and Reflexology | Reiki
Reflexology (incl Facial). Massage (incl Fertility). Biofield Tuning, Reiki.

About Mary McCumiskey

I am a fully ITEC qualified Massage Therapist and Reflexologist with a Diploma in Integral Sound Healing. Having begun my journey in the field of complimentary therapies in 1995 I have trained in many healing modalities such as transformational life coaching, meditation and energy healing.

My aim as a therapist is to support my clients create more balance and harmony in their lives and gain greater self-awareness. I combine the various healing modalities to create tailor made healing sessions for you in alignment with what is most important to you in your life. The sessions can support your body physically but also help you feel stronger and think clearer.

I specialise in women’s health & well-being offering treatments for lifting and sculpting the face, womb healing and menopausal issues. These help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, restore vital energy and lift your spirits.

My approach with clients is one of warmth and understanding. I welcome anyone who is wanting to know themselves better , improve their health and willing to do the work with my support.

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Contact Details

Availability: Available to see new clients

  • Email:
  • Phone: 086 843 8885


I Work With:

  • Adult Individuals
  • Adolescents

My Specialties

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Sleep issues
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Muscular issues
  • Fertility issues
  • Natural face lift

My Approach

  • Reflexology (foot & face)
  • BodyMind Balancing
  • Biofield Tuning
  • Holistic Massage
  • Reiki & Energy Healing

Mode of Therapy Delivery:

  • In Person

Languages Spoken

  • English

Typical fee charged:

  • €70 (negotiable)

Complementary Therapies & Massage and Reflexology & Reiki at Blanchardstown Therapy Center

Ideally located at the junction of Blanchardstown Main Street and Clonsilla Road, Mary McCumiskey caters for customers who reside or work in around Blanchardstown, Mulhuddart, Clonsilla, Castleknock and Tyrrellstown.